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New accelerator made up of the latest ingredients including Ultrazomes to speed up the natural recovery from sun damage. (Tingle Factor=0)Contains the same Ultrazomes and advanced ingredients as Spectrum but has the additional ingredient of copper. (Tingle Factor=3)
Formula S

Formula S accelerator was formulated for tanners with light and fair complexions. Once these individuals have reached their tanning plateau they can switch to Formula A for a deep, dark tan. (Tingle Factor=1)
Formula A

Formula A has been carefully formulated for experienced tanners of all skin types who are trying to break through their tanning plateau. Tanners will find that Tanning Formula A will take their tan to the next level! (Tingle Factor=2)
Facial Oil

Facial Oil is a waterless concentrated accelerating oil for the tanner with an established base tan. Facial Oil is designed for hard-to-tan areas like face, feet and hands, while utilizing a unique combination of botanicals and natural vitamins to improve tanning ability.
Body Oil

Body Oil is an accelerating oil for the tanner with an established base tan. Body Oil improves tanning ability while minimizing the appearance of fine lines.
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