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EXOTIC TANNING SYSTEMS is a very well known full service tanning supply company which began in 1982. Our goals at Exotic Tanning Systems are to not only provide you with the finest tanning equipment on the market, but also to provide you with everything else you may need to make you successful and give you the leading edge. We are one of the few distributors who can still say we operate our own salons. We have six retail tanning salons with a total of sixty beds in the West Michigan area which uniquely qualifies us to assist you in any situation that may arise.

We are always searching for the latest technologies that come into this industry, and we continue to study competition to be sure we stay ahead of all recent developments. All products are tested in our own salons, including lotions, lamps, bed electric and UV outputs, computers and software, marketing techniques, and many other business concerns.

EXOTIC TANNING SYSTEMS also offers a complete training program for our new customers as well as our existing customers. We have grown from two employees to a complete sales staff of ten to assist you with all of your needs.

After looking closely at all the equipment choices available, we have found that Dr. Kern and SunCapsule Systems are far superior in durability, serviceability, and perhaps most importantly, "Tan-Ability". We can say this because Dr. Kern and SunCapsules use only state-of-the-art technology in all aspects of production, be it materials, assembly, or our "true" 220 volt choke start ballast system. Simply put, we would rather explain quality and customer service rather than have to make excuses for the lack of them.

EXOTIC TANNING SYSTEMS also stocks a complete line of tanning lotions and supplies including CALIFORNIA TAN, BODY DRENCH, MOST SWEDISH BEAUTY, AUSTRALIAN GOLD, and many others.

Finally, we love to share our knowledge, from successful business operations to any type of service need. We love to talk tanning!

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